Toyota MR2-Spider History


There is very little information about the MR2-Spider and I have struggled to obtain any literature or pictures of this car. I was given a document when I purchased the car, which gave some information. I have been in contact with the Japan's MR-Spider webmaster Yoshiyuki Ooshiro and Roppyaku Tsurumi of Open Car Army (See links from Stills page) who have given me help with the MR2-Spider History.

 The vehicle was inspired by Toyota’s California Design Studio. Having set out a basic concept and after much deliberation, it was agreed that TTC (Toyota Techno Craft – a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota) would undertake the major project of re-sculpting the car to become a cabriolet.

After the prototype was tested, it was announced that the MR-Spider was complete and for sale at the list price of the MR2 Turbo (which was 3,000,000 Yen back then).Collectors from far and wide tried to prise their one-off "dream car" from the clutches of the Japanese owners and today (June 99) there are only 5 known to have permanently left Japan

The total production run was 91 cars, including two prototypes, built between February 1996 and July 1999.

It remains certain that for now, at least, the MR-Spider would be one of the most sought after vehicles from Toyota’s line up.

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